Responsible Research and Innovation in a Distributed Anticipatory Governance Frame

A Constructive Socio-normative Approach


Res-AGorA project (Responsible Research and Innovation in a Distributed Anticipatory Governance Frame. A Constructive Socio-normative Approach) is financed from FP7 (Call SiS.2012.1.1.1-1: Governance frameworks for Responsible Research and Innovation RRI) and runs over a three-year period starting February 2013.

The major goal of the Res-AGorA project ( ) is to develop a normative and comprehensive governance framework for Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), constructed from the practices of state of art research and innovation. The goal of the Rea-AGorA project will be achieved through extensive research about existing RRI governance across different scientific technological areas, continuous monitoring of RRI trends and developments in selected countries (one of them is the Czech Rep.), and constructive negotiations and deliberation between key stakeholders. This comprehensive empirical work will be the building blocks of the creation of a governance framework for RRI.

Res-AGorA consists of 8 European partners from universities and offices for science and technology. The project is coordinated by Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the largest organization for applied research in Europe. The appointed national correspondent for the Czech Republic is Adolf Filáček, who also is elaborating the CZ comprehensive national report.