Jan Maršálek


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There are two poles around which Jan Maršálek organizes his research:

(1) In the field of (historical) philosophy of science, he has formulated the problem of the "degradation" of scientific components and procedures (hypotheses, theories, methods, concepts...), an epistemological phenomenon whose significance he tries to reveal for both the study of the development of the social sciences (sociology) and that of the natural sciences. The history/philosophy of the social sciences was the subject of his doctoral thesis (De la disparition d'une méthode. L'analyse entre philosophies du contrat social et sociologies classiques, 2015) and is still the object of his interest in some of his recent publications. He also looks for examples of "degradation" in the history of science (his "Auguste Comte's Concept of Systematic Obsolescence", 2022, goes in this direction), and in current scientific practice (his current work on the Covid-19 pandemic, and more specifically on the hypothesis of Covid-19 spreading via surface contamination, is framed by this very problem of degradations in sciences).

(2) Jan Maršálek is also PI of the multi-institutional project ScioPolisCZ, which aims to introduce elements of philosophy of science and science studies, mainly SSK, into the science curriculum of Czech secondary schools. He and his colleagues are conducting a systematic review of the history of the sociology of science and scientific knowledge. Since 2022, the project's research seminar on the philosophy and sociology of physics has been held under the auspices of the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University in Prague.


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